Remove aplications in Launchpad

If you upgraded to Mac OS Lion you certainly know Launchpad

, the “home for your apps” like Apple says.
A huge disadvantage of the Launchpad is that every app that is located in your Applications folder is in Launchpad. That means that you will see every .app like helper programs like uninstallers or updaters and these apps can’t be hidden easily from Launchpad because there are no such preferences.
So someone developed the Launchpad-Control

Launchpad-Control is a small tool which allows you to easily hide/unhide apps (and groups) from launchpad in Mac OS X Lion.
Update #1: This tool is now a system preference pane! No need to have an additional app on your mac. Once you open the file it “installs” itself into the system preferences where it can be found under “Launchpad”. Isn’t that great?
▪ It’s a system preference pane (update #1)
▪ Displays a table with all apps that are in Launchpad
▪ Checkboxes for every app allow you to easily specify apps you want to hide or show
▪ Backups/Restores your original database file
▪ It’s completely free!
Download Launchpad-Control now. It’s free!


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