Start buying some bitcoins

Everyone is talking about bitcoins, so i investigate and create a account in Coinbase to buy some bitcoins, litecoins and ethereum.

After i did some research one of the best exchange to start buying bitcoins or litecoins is the Coinbase.
You can register at coinbase from here

If you register via this link when you buy 100€ of coins in their house they will give for free 8€.

If you need help during your sign up you can view this youtube video

After you have your account create you need to validade your identity, before you can start buying some coins (this is a fast process and can take only some minutes to validate).

After that you can send money to coinbase via transfer or if you want to start fast you can buy with credit card (here you will have some fees)

In the next post i will talking about another exchange to buy another coins.

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